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Protecting Water Mill's Rural and Historic Character

The Water Mill CAC meets once a month to discuss matters relevant to our hamlet as well as larger projects that have an impact on our community as a whole.  Members participate in all public hearings relating to the many significant developments in our Hamlet as these projects impact the future of Water Mill. You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings and give your input. Stay tuned ---- stay engaged.


Deerfield Road Storm Water Drainage Completed

2018 update: This massive drainage project will act to protect Mill Pond and the greater Mill Pond/Mecox Bay watershed from what has been a major point source of nutrient input feeding unhealthy algal blooms. Alex Gregor, Superintendent of Highways, collaborated with Christine Fetten, Town Director of Municipal Works, to implement a replacement plan for the one presented by Pio Lombardo, consultant to the Town.

The Lombardo plan was deemed impractical for its usage of drainage tubes which had not been previously used for that purpose. Drains were installed surrounding the intersection of Deerfield Road and Head of Pond Road, and south to the bend adjacent to Mill Pond, and then up on the east leg from the bend. The drainage systems are entirely within the roadway right-of-way. The Gregor plan used conventional drainage systems and cost between $400K & $500K, around half the cost of the Lombardo plan. Half the cost was covered by the balance of the Suffolk County grant on hand for storm water abatement for Deerfield with the balance provided by the Town. The Viñoly family had very generously offered the use of some of their property on Deerfield Road to be used as a rain garden (catch basin), but the Gregor plan did not require that use.


Mill Pond Research Proposal Approved

2018 update: At the March 8, 2018 joint work session with the Town Board and Trustees, the Town approved a proposal from PrincetonHydro, expert limnologists and lake managers, for data collection research leading to a remediation plan in the fall. The funds for the research study (approx. $38,000) are currently available from the aborted Phoslock program. Sampling will begin mid-April (as the baseline), with additional samples planned for June, early-July, late-July, mid-August and early-September, for a total of six sampling events. PrincetonHydro (Dr. Stephen Souza) will review all prior data sampling and reports, and will confer with USGS (Christopher Schubert) which is completing a groundwater study in relation to sub-ground wastewater plans in Suffolk County. Dr.Souza will maintain tight communication with Marty Shea, the Town’s Chief Environmental Analyst, and will provide monthly updates. All nutrient inputs will be accounted for in the final analysis, including storm water runoff, groundwater concentrations and flows, atmospheric, benthic, septic inputs (based upon density and age of systems), plus the large carp and resident geese population. PrincetonHydro has developed an accurate modeling methodology to account for these variable inputs.

This research leading to a remediation plan should be viewed an important breakthrough for restoring Mill Pond to a healthy, swimmable water body. Mill Pond is at the head of the Mill Pond/Mecox Bay watershed, and the long-term health of Mill Pond is also intrinsic to the health of Mecox Bay. At the telecast wrap-up panel discussion of the 2-day NYS conference on Harmful Algal Blooms (in Syracuse, early March), the guidance given was to (a) have the courage to get started, (b) create an adaptive management plan, since not everything will work out as anticipated, and (c) plan for long-term monitoring because HABs are not going away. HABs can be controlled with attentive scientific lake management. We are now on the path to cleaning up Mill Pond and protecting Mecox Bay.


Mill Pond and Mecox Bay have joined in spirit as well as by geography. Representatives of the Mill Pond Association and Water Mill Citizens Advisory Committee have met with representatives of resident groups surrounding Mecox Bay to discuss the common goal of remediating Mill Pond as a step towards protecting Mecox Bay. All were in accord with the research proposal from Princeton Hydro.

To view this proposal, go to:  https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/0ec925cf-0e58-4fa6-b538-feff8f8ddf4b


Station Road Plaza - Proposed new building

2018 update: Proposed building located at 40 Station Rd, a .85 acre of empty land on the west side of the road.  One two-story building – 100 ft by 50 feet, in Village Business zoning. It is composed of four spaces – two upstairs marked office and two downstairs, marked retail.  The building will have an elevator, a central corridor and public bathrooms on both floors. Each floor is about 5,000 sq. feet with each of the four tenant spaces on the ground floor about 2,000 sq. ft. Horizontal Hardi Plank siding is the exterior.  Landscaping is deciduous, plus evergreen trees, scrubs, grasses, perennials and roses.  Parking on sides and back.  Large entrance in back of building into corridor. New concrete sidewalk and two dedicated easement driveways - one back of property and one south side of property.Lighting is ten 14 ft. metal poles with hanging covered lights about ten feet from the ground, 33 three-foot bollards with capped lights and four hanging lights on front entrance. Amount of lighting proposed is a concern of the CAC.The Planning Board’s public hearing on the property is on Thursday, April 12, 2018. CAC members will be attending and monitoring.

Water Mill Townhouses

2018 update: A revised plan now calls for 38 townhouse units, down from the 48 originally proposed in the PDD.  The code requires 4 of the townhouses to be affordable housing units. The application has gone through the pre submission process, but has yet to be formally submitted. The CAC has concerns regarding the increased density in this area of the hamlet and will continue to monitor the project.

Flying Point Development

2018 Update:  The property at the Southeast corner of the intersection of County Road 39 and Flying Point Road will be developed “as of right”, which complies with all applicable zoning regulations and does not require any discretionary action (special permit or variance).No construction has begun.

Code Violations

The CAC regularly reports code violations to the Town brought to our attention by residents relating to illegal business uses, group houses, signs and other infractions.  We encourage residents to report code violations and lack of code enforcement to info@ourwatermill.org



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